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Sarah Herrin (they/them) is a queer non-binary poet based in San Diego. They studied Sequential Art and Creative Writing at the Savannah College of Art & Design, and in Southern France.

In 2020, they moved from Seattle to Colorado and while they don't love being land-locked, they are learning to appreciate the mountains. Herrin writes about survival, healing, grief, and resilience. As a survivor of sexual assault & PTSD, they find strength in sharing their story, and poetry is one way of taking their power back.

Herrin is founder, graphic designer, and editor at Beyond The Veil Press, which focuses on mental health awareness. They have published three chapbooks: The Oceanography of Her (Papeachu Press); One Thousand Good Answers (Sunday Mornings At The River); and Anti/Muse (Beyond The Veil Press).

Sunday Mornings At The River, 2022

In the wreckage of new trauma, and with a determination to heal, Herrin revisits the primal experience of abandonment and betrayal to rewrite their own self-love story.

In their growth-inspired reimagining of previous works, Sarah Herrin reveals that there’s magic in the space between. In One Thousand Good Answers, Herrin’s call and response to herself weaves between past and future, heartbreak and healing, trauma and recovery. This collection is deeply relatable and profoundly inspiring. Providing the original works next to the blackout poetry version, Herrin takes us on a visual journey of letting go. And the result is an empowering sense of self-efficacy and becoming.

"Herrin reminds us that as long as we are centered in our growth, we can heal; we can love; we can find our answers." - AJ Wojtalik

Beyond The Veil Press, 2021

Anti-Muse is a unique collection of poetry by Sarah Herrin, expressed with full-color illustrations by artist Josiah Callaway.

These poems span the depths of heartbreak and betrayal, to the reclaiming of self and purpose. Originally only available in hardback through Kickstarter, this is the revised paperback.

Other Books

Self-published Digital Zine, 2020

After enduring a brutal break-up, Herrin decided to write a love poem to everyone else instead. This digital zine contains 13 carefully curated poems. It is a fire ritual of reminiscing and releasing that allows indulgence and invites peace.

Papeachu Press, 2019

This chapbook explores themes of love and the beauty of nature; bisexuality, friendship, independence, and heartbreak; and the undercurrent running though it all: the healing power of water.

One Thousand Questions (And No Good Answers)

Self-published Full Collection, 2018

Herrin's first collection is out of print, but you can find selections of it in the black-out collection, One Thousand Good Answers.

Creative Services

Manuscript feedback

From concept to polished manuscript.


  • arranging poems into sequential order.
  • table of contents, copyright, acknowledgements pages
  • professional 1st draft, 2nd draft, and final draft; ready to submit or self-publish.


Micro-Chapbook (~10 poems) - $75

Poetry Chapbook (~30 poems) - $150

Book Length Poetry Collection

(~80 poems) - $250


Poem Feedback

Friendly, concise suggestions to improve your poems.


  • detailed written feedback on your poems, considering the elements of craft and overarching theme of your collection.
  • optional 30 min Zoom follow-up where you can ask questions and get more clarity.


3 poems - $45

5 poems - $75

10 poems - $150

Chapbook manuscript (~30 poems) - $250


tarot readings (virtual/in-person)

With over 25 years of self-taught experience, (and introvert Scorpio moon) Sarah is an intuitive reader of cards & energy. They will use their familiarity with Tarot and how they relate together to help divine the answers you seek. Choose from a variety of spreads, and let’s see what the cards (and your subconscious) have to say. After the reading, you’ll receive a typed summary of what we discovered, plus photos of your cards.

Choose your spread:

  • 3 Card Past/Present/Future or Decision Making Spread $25
  • 5 Card Journey Spread $45
  • 12 Card Birthday/New Year Spread $115

Add Ons:

  • 1 Oracle card to inform the reading $10
  • 2 Oracle cards for clarity after reading $15


About Beyond The Veil Press

Poetry & art for mental health awareness.

Established in March 2021 by two SCAD grads, Beyond The Veil Press focuses on mental health awareness through poetry & art. Sarah Herrin, AJ Wojtalik, Tyler Hurula, and Kris Kaila make up the volunteer team.

They publish anthologies and solo author chapbooks, and donate 10% of net proceeds from anthologies to mental health charities.

At Beyond The Veil's first in-person poetry event! (Photo by AJ Wojtalik.)

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With local poet and Petals & Pages bookstore owner Dylah Ray, and Beyond The Veil Press author Marissa Forbes in Denver.

Visiting LA poets Andres Sanchez, Sarah Esmi, and Beyond The Veil Press author Kyrsta Moorhouse.

With local poets & Beyond The Veil Press teammates, AJ Wojtalik & Tyler Hurula at Goldspot Brewing in Denver.