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About The Author

Sarah Herrin (they/them) is a queer non-binary poet based in Boulder, Colorado. They achieved a BFA at the Savannah College of Art & Design, majoring in Sequential Art and Creative Writing, and studied in Southern France. In 2020, they moved from Seattle to Colorado and while they don't love being land-locked, they are learning to appreciate the mountains.

They are a gemologist, cat-parent, runner, and Bowie-lover. (And BTS Army, shhh...) A self-professed workshop junkie, they regularly attend writing sessions with Community Building Artworks, Hugo House, Lighthouse Writers, The Poetry Lab, and A Very Important Meeting.

Herrin is owner, graphic designer, and editor of Beyond The Veil Press, (where they host more workshops) and the author of three chapbooks, one digital zine, and one full collection.

Sunday Mornings At The River, 2022

In the wreckage of new trauma, and with a determination to heal, Herrin revisits the primal experience of abandonment and betrayal to rewrite their own self-love story.

In their growth-inspired reimagining of previous works, Sarah Herrin reveals that there’s magic in the space between. In One Thousand Good Answers, Herrin’s call and response to herself weaves between past and future, heartbreak and healing, trauma and recovery. This collection is deeply relatable and profoundly inspiring. Providing the original works next to the blackout poetry version, Herrin takes us on a visual journey of letting go. And the result is an empowering sense of self-efficacy and becoming.

"Herrin reminds us that as long as we are centered in our growth, we can heal; we can love; we can find our answers." - AJ Wojtalik

Beyond The Veil Press, 2021

Anti-Muse is a unique collection of poetry by Sarah Herrin, expressed with full-color illustrations by artist Josiah Callaway.

These poems span the depths of heartbreak and betrayal, to the reclaiming of self and purpose. Originally only available in hardback through Kickstarter, this is the revised paperback.

Sarah Herrin writes about survival, healing, grief, and resilience. As a survivor of rape & PTSD, they find strength in sharing their story, and poetry is one way of taking their power back.

Writing helps Herrin untangle and process emotions in a cathartic way.

"The courage it takes to share our darkest stories, whether it be living with depression, anxiety, or suicidal ideation, reminds us that we not alone."

- Sarah Herrin

Other Books

Self-published Digital Zine, 2020

This digital zine contains 13 carefully curated poems as tribute ‘to the other lovers, the strangers we recognized in the night.’ It is a fire ritual of reminiscing and releasing that allows indulgence and invites peace.

Papeachu Press, 2019

This chapbook explores themes of love and the beauty of nature; bisexuality, friendship, independence, and heartbreak; and the undercurrent running though it all: the healing power of water.

One Thousand Questions (And No Good Answers)

Self-published Full Collection, 2018

Herrin's first collection is out of print, but you can find selections of it in the black-out collection, One Thousand Good Answers.

Other Published Work


What you don't understand is and After The War/Before The War (Beneath the Soil)

Winter Solstice (Sunday Mornings At The River)


Myth of Myself as Horror Story, Constellation Stories, and Warning Signs (Querencia Press)

Father Poem and The Summoning (Pile Press)

Poetry In Motion, mixed-media collage poem (Ouch! Collective)


All Three Of My Rapists Work For Amazon and Your Body Is A Crime Scene/Safe Place (blood moon POETRY)

Lady Grey Love Poem, Riverwalk San Antonio TX, and Summer Fruit (East French Press)


Catnapping, Rebel/Upholder (East French Press)

Honey, Your Body Is A Rainforest/You Are Not Alone, He Is The Wound That Never Heals, The Strength Of A Woman (Sunday Mornings At The River)


100 Incredible Poets of Instagram (Untwine Me)

Upcoming Events

March 8th, 4-11pm

Optimism Brewing, Broadway & E Union St.

Herrin is hosting a merch table for Beyond The Veil Press and will perform at open mic with other readers from their press. Come join us!

March 16th, 6-8pm

And Now, Featuring... (Boulder)

Trident Booksellers & Cafe, 940 Pearl St.

Along with 3 other local artists, Herrin will be performing some of their work. There is an open mic from 6-6:30 so come read with us!

About Beyond The Veil Press

Beyond The Veil Press is an invitation to peer into the mysterious unknown.

Established in March 2021 by two SCAD grads (Sarah Herrin & Josiah Callaway), the Press focuses on mental health awareness through poetry & art.

They publish anthologies several times a year and occasionally individual author chapbooks. They donate 10% of proceeds from anthologies to mental health charities.

Most recently, they have published an anthology of queer & trans voices in response to the ClubQ shooting, with proceeds going to the ClubQ Compassion Fund.

At Beyond The Veil Press's the first in-person poetry event! (Photo by AJ Wojtalik.)

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