Sarah Herrin (they/them)

queer / runner / survivor
poet based in Colorado

Instagram: @_sarahherrin


Sunday Mornings At The River, 2022

One Thousand Good Answers takes Herrin’s first collection and, using the blackout method, creates a whole new body of work.

In the wreckage of new trauma, and with a determination to heal,
Herrin revisits the old experience of abandonment and betrayal to rewrite her own self-love story.

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From the Deep South to Southern France – Pacific Northwest to the Front Range.

Sarah Herrin (they/she) is a queer non-binary poet based in Boulder, Colorado. They achieved a BFA at the Savannah College of Art & Design, majoring in Sequential Art and Creative Writing, and studied in Southern France.

She is a trained gemologist, cat-dad & plant-mom, runner, and Bowie-lover. A self-professed workshop junkie, they regularly attend virtual writing sessions with Community Building Artworks, Hugo House, Lighthouse, The Poetry Lab, and A Very Important Meeting.

Herrin is the cofounder & editor of Beyond The Veil Press, and the author of three chapbooks, one digital zine, and one full collection.

  • One Thousand Good Answers (Sunday Mornings At The River, 2022)
  • Anti-Muse (Beyond The Veil Press, 2021)
  • I Can Make A Poem Out Of Anyone (self-published digital zine, 2020)
  • The Oceanography of Her (Papeachu Press, 2019)
  • One Thousand Questions (And No Good Answers) (self-published, 2018)

Beyond The Veil Press, 2021

Anti-Muse is a unique collection of poetry by Sarah Herrin, expressed with full-color illustrations by artist Josiah Callaway.

These poems will take you on a journey from the darkest depths of heartbreak and betrayal, to the reclaiming of self and purpose. Originally only available in hardback through Kickstarter, this is the revised paperback.

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My favorite kind of media is that which allows or invites me to emote, and I have found so many in this collection that does just that. Sarah’s poems are emotive and connecting – many poems in this book have nurtured my spirit.

– LR via Etsy, on I Can Make A Love Poem Out Of Anyone