Ode To Coronavirus

(Published in East French Press’s Quarantine eBook)

Praise to the cat yowling outside my bedroom door
At 5 in the morning
Praise to my husband’s too-cheerful tune
Before I’ve had my first cup of coffee
Praise to the whirring leaf blower
To the whooshing power washer
To the wheezing city bus
Someone still has a job
Praise to the long line at the post office
And outside Trader Joe’s
Everyone cautiously 6ft apart
Praise to 30 day isolation
Which keeps us close to loved ones
Even when we’re far apart
Praise to cancelled flights
Which decreases pollution
Praise to sleeping too much in fluffy white sheets
Which allows us to heal
Praise to the chirping birds
How many different notes do you hear
When you take the time to have breakfast outside

And yes, praise even to Instagram and Snapchat
Where we get to see our friends
And challenge each other to copy silly memes
Praise to the daily run through the forest and down to the water
To soaking up sun and gulping fresh air
Praise to the endless rainy days
To the howling wind days
To the bipolar sun and hail days
Which encourage us to go inward
Praise to family FaceTime
To friend happy hour
To Netflix Party
To virtual dates
To online classes
To kitchen dances
To Zoom meetings 20 deep
Praise to downward dog
To pancakes for dinner
To long distance book club
To The Wisdom of Anxiety
Praise for remembering
Oh yes, this —
This is what’s important.

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