What I’m Working On

The experience of revising these poems is difficult and I have to take a lot of precaution not to retraumatize myself. I have to take breaks. Use a lot of the self-care tools I learned in therapy over the past year. I’ve recently decided to become sober, so that is another crutch I am no longer using. Chocolate truffles and tea help. 🙂

I want to complete this manuscript, but more importantly, I want to do it well.

5 responses to “What I’m Working On”

  1. I am actually doing a lot of things at the moment and LOVE it! It’s the good kind of stress. I am TAing and taking a Prose Poetry workshop class and in a few writing group/workshops that is making time for me to write. I am working on a beginning of a manuscript of poetry that I am getting mentored and reviewed on. Lots of great stuff this fall and winter.

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    1. Ooh, I’m excited for your poetry collection! Let me know if you need advanced praise!

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      1. Awww, thank you so much, Sarah! I definitely would like you to be one of my first readers.


  2. Hooray for tea and chocolate !! That’s awesome Sarah ! Proud of you! I’m over here implementing a schedule for my writing. Keeping up w submissions. Taking a workshop on poetry of food tonight so that’s bound to be yummy. Trying to stay on top of btvs 30 day platform challenge the best I can and always ready for poetry labs prose workshop on thursdays :]

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    1. Good job on submissions! It is definitely my weak spot. So glad we are doing this btv challenge. It’s helping me a lot too!


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