Poetry In Real Life

Hey y’all! The days sure got away from me. This weekend I’m attending my first IN PERSON workshops since before the pandemic!

This weekend is Queer Creatives Retreat. A whole weekend dedicated to queer writers! I’ll be taking Metaphor Magic—An Extended Metaphor Workshop with Ashley Cornelius (Zoom) and Spellwriting for All Ages with Assétou Xango (in person.) Afterward, there’s a community dinner and an open mic!

I’m looking forward to meeting some people in-person after all this time online. I’m hoping I’ll recognize a few people and meet some new friends.

What about you? Have you been doing workshops in-person yet? What’s your local writing community like?

One response to “Poetry In Real Life”

  1. I just started back up with writing in 2021 because of the pandemic making it easier to attend courses. Before, working in another city the commute would be a buzzkill for fun and I would end up just prepping for the next day’s commute in. I have not looked to see many in-person courses as I like the ease of online (as most things are in Vancouver). I am going to Van Writer’s Fest event next Saturday on Poets Talk. I have not heard of any on the panel so looking forward to growing my poetry TBR list lol.


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