Winter Solstice (Poetry Diary, Sunday Mornings At The River, 2023)

Myth of Myself as Horror Story, Constellation Stories, and Warning Signs (Querencia Press, 2022)

Father Poem and The Summoning (Pile Press, 2022)

Poetry In Motion, mixed-media collage poem (Ouch! Collective, 2022)

All Three Of My Rapists Work For Amazon and Your Body Is A Crime Scene / Safe Place (Trigger Warning, blood moon POETRY, 2021)

Lady Grey Love Poem, Riverwalk San Antonio TX, and Summer Fruit (Quarterly Publication Collected Works Vol. 3, East French Press, 2021)

Catnapping, Rebel/Upholder (Quarterly Publication Collected Works Vol. 1, East French Press, 2020)

(In The Belly Of The Mountain, Sunday Mornings At The River, 2020)

We Are All Luminous Beings (Papeachu Review: Issue Two, 2019)

Memories/Daddy’s Little Girl and Dad, Hero (Steady Hands: Ode To Our Fathers, A.B.Baird Publishing, 2019)

What Is Your Lover Made Of?, Oh, Little Ocean, and The Lucky Ones (And We All Breath The Same Air, Augie’s Bookshelf, 2019)

100 Incredible Poets of Instagram (Untwine Me, 2018)

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