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I Can Make A Love Poem Out of Anyone
(Self Published) May ’20

This digital zine contains 13 carefully curated poems as tribute to ‘the other lovers, the strangers we recognized in the night.’ It is a fire ritual of reminiscing and releasing past lovers that allows indulgence and invites peace.


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The Oceanography of Her
(Papeachu Press) October ’19

The Oceanography of Her is a tribute to the seductive lure of the ocean and a love song to the sirens that linger in our subconscious. In a collection of 30 poems, it evokes the tumultuous passion of a storm at sea, and the calm of a morning dew. It explores themes of love and the beauty of nature; bisexuality, friendship, and heartbreak; and the undercurrent though it all: the healing power of water.


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One Thousand Questions (And No Good Answers) 
(Self Published) October ’18 – 2nd Edition Nov ’19

A self-published collection of poetry of 100 poems, written in 2011-15, is inspired by themes of  heartbreak, passion, and self-love. Sarah Herrin uses vivid imagery drawing on experience as an artist, travel abroad, and nature to invoke powerful emotions. This collection invites the reader on a journey into the storm of heartbreak, through the fortitude of frost, and under the soothing sun.


You Like Crows Too?
(Zine by Rose Mettling) May 2020

I Know When It’s Time For A Change

Sunday Mornings At The River: Issue One
(Sunday Mornings At The River) March 2020

He Is The Wound That Never Heals
Your Body Is A Rainforest
The Strength of a Woman


Quarterly Publication Vol. 2
(East French Press) Feb 2020

We Never Went To Paris / New Beginnings
Rebel / Upholder

Papeachu Review Issue 2: Beauty
(Papeachu Press) June 2019

Night-Blooming Flowers
We Are All Luminous Beings
Love Poem

Steady Hands: Ode to Our Fathers
(A. B. Baird Publishing) June ’19

Deep South, Deep Roots
Daddy’s Little Girl / Memories
Dad, My Hero

And We All Breathe The Same Air – A Poetry Anthology
(Augie’s Bookshelf) March ’19

What Is Your Lover Made Of?
Oh, Little Ocean
The Lucky Ones

100 Incredible Poets of Instagram 2018
( January ’19

Sarah Herrin who writes at @_sarahherrin is a featured poetess on Untwine.Me’s ‘100 Incredible Instapoets of 2018’. Her words and compositions on her poetry page give us a glimpse into the beautiful mind of this fantastic female who never stops asking the right questions. Her works will inspire and move you and long before you know it, she will form a place in your heart with her sublime poetry.

Working Class
A Gift

Haunt Box: A Poetry Collection
(Soft Houses) October ’13

Haunt Box is a collection of haunting poetry of four distinct and talented female voices. Each writer showcases a unique style – from Kristy’s intense imagery to Lori’s clever plays on word, to Victoria’s calm outlook and Sarah’s heartfelt insights – and invokes raw emotions in the reader and a challenge to change the way one looks at daily life. The poetry of Haunt Box addresses the unavoidable scars made by living life fearlessly and offers a healing salve in the knowledge that one is never alone.

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